Whilst many software systems are capable of issuing automated messages via email or electronic facsimile, the rules that govern such functionality are often rigid and the content definition limited. By contrast via Workflow Lite™, Concept Evolution™ offers complete control over the business rules that trigger system communications and the content of messages.

Workflow Lite™ enables the automation of email, electronic facsimile and SMS text messaging using an intuitive graphical design interface to map the business rules which trigger messages. Dynamic content can be defined for each message, including plain text or HTML formatting and PDF report attachments.

Features of Workflow Lite™ include:

  • Flowchart designer
  • Plain text emails
  • HTML emails
  • Electronic facsimile (requires third party fax gateway)
  • SMS text messages (requires an Internet Connection and FSI FAST SMS text service)
  • Automated PDF format report distribution.

Workflow Lite™ is commonly used for:

  • Acknowledgement of task request details to customer
  • Updating customers with details of task lifecycle events
  • Escalation
  • Notification to facilities staff of alerts and failures
  • Informing catering contractors of catering requirements automatically
  • Sending purchase orders via email
  • Sending work orders via email or SMS
  • Alerting building users to forthcoming planned maintenance
  • Report distribution