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Reasons for choosing Concept Evolution™ as your preferred completely web-based CAFM solution

There are many reasons why you should choose Concept Evolution™ from FSI Middle East as your preferred completely web-based CAFM solution, but to name a few:

  1. Concept Evolution™ is owned, developed, implemented and supported by FSI.
  2. Concept™ was first created in 1990 and, as a well-established product from a well-respected company, is constantly evolving and will remain at the cutting-edge of CAFM technology.
  3. The latest product in the Concept™ range, Concept Evolution™, is a completely web-based CAFM solution.
  4. Concept Evolution™ can be integrated with common business applications, allowing for the complete control of facilities management requirements from within one system.
  5. A range of additional modules are available with Concept Evolution™, allowing for full tailoring of the system to suit requirements. Modules are priced individually; therefore you will only purchase and be charged for those you need.
  6. The power and capability of Concept Evolution™ allows you to think beyond your current requirements, to comfortably encompass future growth.
  7. Standard reports are included with Concept Evolution™, with customisable parameters and user friendly report filters functionality. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe, plus Concept™ SSP, allowing users to view the content of shared reports within their web browser.
  8. Concept Evolution™ has a familiar look and feel throughout the core base system and additional modules.
  9. The Virtual Business Client: an internal FSI body which directly represents FSI's client base as part of an agreed feedback mechanism. FSI ensure the needs and requirements of clients have a voice within the business.
  10. Tune in to FM: FSI's own networking event, bringing together clients with industry experts to discuss the latest developments within FM.
  11. Knowledge sharing via the Concept™ User Group, and online Concept™ User Forum.
  12. New Concept Evolution™ version releases available to supported clients.
  13. FSI is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the highest endorsement from Microsoft, and is in recognition of FSI's knowledge, skills and commitment to implementing technology solutions to match the Facilities Management business needs.