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What’s New in Concept™

Building on existing principles of providing solutions for single to multiple site operations and for management and control of multiple FM services, FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd have launched the latest version of Concept™ CAFM software. 

Concept™, available free of charge as part of your existing Support contract, includes the following features:

  • Linking documents to helpdesk calls
  • Authorisation limits per contract and per user
  • Soft deletion of buildings, assets and users
  • Automatic workstation ID’s
  • Roles for groups of users
  • Linking work orders together
  • Larger windows for more user friendly navigation

New applications in, available with the Concept™ suite of products, are as follows:

• Event Management/Message Tray monitors user defined events, sending messages to nominated persons for action.  Event Management/Message Tray ensures all events are actioned. 

• Approved users can specify authorisation ranges for users via Authorisation Limits.  Tasks that incur costs above the users’ specified range will require permission from a user with the required authorisation limit assigned to them.  Tasks for sign off within the users’ specified range will be waiting for sign off in their Message Tray.

• Timesheet Management monitors engineer timesheet details within the Concept™ database.  Timesheet Management provides a more detailed view of resource time.

• Automatic issue of PPM’s reduces administration time for Concept™ users.  PPM’s can also be issued in advance, and can be set up to be time-sensitive.

• Contact Manager, released in version and upgraded for version, is a repository for all contacts stored in Concept™Contact Manager provides various routes for obtaining details of system personnel, i.e., telephone numbers (office, mobile, home, fax, etc), email and postal addresses. Contact Manager, which can be linked to areas within the system, is an effective method of ensuring latest contact information is available to all areas of Concept™.

• The ability to link users to contacts allows users to easily find contact information.  Users can send SMS or emails to other users via the Concept™ Workflow module.

• Additional user-defined data can be displayed on the helpdesk, not normally available on the default helpdesk.

• System administrators can create user roles, removing the need to define individual access rights.  Access rights can be granted to groups of users.

• Tools for utilising the multiple database functionality are now available within the core Concept™ system.  This allows for easy management of multiple database environments.

• Additional system properties can be viewed from within the helpdesk, removing the need to return to source.  Additional data logged against items such as buildings or assets can be viewed directly from the helpdesk.

• By defining the number of tasks viewed per page in Task Control, users can navigate through tasks quicker and easier.

• The quick search facility for assets and contacts allows users the ability to search for data in different fields simultaneously.  Assets and contacts can therefore be found very quickly.

• Individual or global messages can be sent within Concept™ on an ad-hoc basis, to any user.

• One-click email messaging, using the default email client or the Concept™ Workflow module, allows for easy automated emails from within the helpdesk.

• The Property and Estates Management module (PEM) is available to purchase as an optional module with the Concept™ 500 and Concept™ SQL base systems.  PEM offers proprietors and tenants a unique solution to completely manage their own property portfolios, allowing detailed information to be recorded on properties.  Features include tracking of potential revenue and performance, tracking of statutory requirements and lease notifications, and comparisons of property and lease information across multiple buildings.

Contact the FSI Support Department on 01708 251980 or by email at support@fsi.co.uk for details of how to upgrade your existing Concept™ system to version