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Tune in to FM seminar series from FSI: Sustainability in Business and the role of the Facilities Manager

Professionals from the Facilities Management (FM) industry gathered at the prestigious Microsoft® offices in London in early May to discuss the industry hot topics.  Hosted by FSI (FM Solutions) Limited, Microsoft Gold partners and developers of the Concept Evolution™ fully web-enabled Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solution, Tune in to FM is now at its 11th outing since its inauguration in 2004.

Geraldine Faulkner, Editor of Sustainable Solutions magazine, launched proceedings with some facts and figures relating to sustainability in business, the government's low carbon budget, and some solutions for tackling carbon reduction in FM.  Geraldine has previously liaised on forward-thinking projects such as the Integer Millennium House at the Building Research Establishment, built to demonstrate how constructional, environmental, sustainable and technical applications can be used to provide a better home and life-style using available technology.

Lucy Jeynes, Managing Director of Larch Consulting Ltd was next to present.  Lucy sits on the BIFM Members Council, was a founder of the Women in FM group, and has been voted one of the 20 Most Influential Women in FM as well as a Pioneer of FM.  Discussing "Facilities Managers: Unsung Heroes", Lucy addressed the importance of marketing the Facilities Manager and their team/operation to the internal customer.  Practical tips and techniques for blowing their own trumpet were provided, drawing from examples in other sectors which help to illustrate and understand key approaches.

Steve Allen, Technical Director at Resound Ltd, presented their Flashpointer solution.  Flashpointer receives data from a variety of sources, including CAFM applications such as Concept™, and transfers the information to a communication device as a short text message.  Steve created Resound Ltd in 1991 to provide radio communication technology to commerce and industry in the London and Thames Valley area.  Today, Resound Ltd operates across the UK.

Following a well-deserved lunch and networking session, which also gave delegates the opportunity to view the Concept Evolution™ fully web-enabled CAFM solution from FSI, Chris Hoar kicked off the afternoon's proceedings.  Chris has been Director General of the Facilities Management Association (FMA) since January 2009 and his involvement in the FM industry started with his time at Compass Group, continuing to when he sat on one of the advisory boards at the FMA.  Chris explored the FM industry past and present, as well as the effects the industry has on the environment and the workplace.  Chris also discussed the role of the FMA.

Finally, delegates were given a rare insight into the workings of one of the leading Service Providers in the FM industry.  Mark Absalom, Director of Productivity at Dalkia UK, discussed the journey that Dalkia embarked on and the transition that Dalkia went through in selecting and implementing a company-wide works management system based on Concept™.  Mark reviewed how the process started, the process itself and the requirements involved in managing the supplier partnership.  Mark joined Dalkia 12 years ago and was systematic in the management of the company's' Oracle implementation and Works Management system design and delivery.

As a Microsoft Gold partner, using the Microsoft London office for Tune in to FM was particularly appropriate, as FSI's latest CAFM solution, Concept Evolution™, has been built using 100% Microsoft technology.  Using the .NET architecture and modern design principles, FSI have produced a rich web line of business applications.

Further details regarding Concept Evolution™ can be found on the website: http://www.fsi.co.uk/product.asp?i=23