The module is available with any installation size, with limitless stock locations (including Van stock). Security is provided by controlling user access to any location, enhanced further by read/write controls to any area of the module.

Options include industry standard pricing models (average pricing, FIFO and standard unit pricing), user-definable stock groups, stock classes and stock charges. The Stores module is seamlessly integrated with other areas of the Concept™ base system and other Concept™ modules such as the Order module, allowing for ease of reordering. In addition, a standard feature of the module is the use of barcode readers to manage stock and stocktaking. 


  • Available with Concept™ SQL Lite, Concept™ SQL and Concept™ 500.
  • Multiple stores for the same item.
  • Preferred suppliers.
  • Stock adjustments.
  • Stores valuation.
  • Full or random stocktaking.
  • Audit trail.
  • Management Reports.
  • Formal stores issues.
  • Association of stores with maintenance activities.
  • Allocation of stock to planned preventative maintenance.
  • Use of barcodes.


  • Allows tracking of a wide range of materials, from maintenance spares to office consumables.
  • Integrated with the Concept™ base system instruction register, allowing pre-allocation of materials against given tasks.
  • Low level stock report for reordering, which can be automated through the Concept™ Workflow module.