The Quotes module provides the tools needed to request quotations for the supply of goods, materials and services. It reduces the amount of time spent raising and managing quotations through traditional manual methods and provides instant access to supplier and pricing information.

Fully integrated with other components of Concept Evolution™, the Quotes module simplifies processes associated with quotation management, including receiving requests from a client through to the issuing of quote requests to multiple suppliers, and the final acceptance of a selected quote.

The Quotes module links with the task, supplier, contact, and contract features of Concept Evolution™, allowing simple navigation to relevant information for quote generation and management.

Features of the Quotes module include:

  • Automatic system generated quotation references.
  • Links to contract, supplier, and task records.
  • Manage quote requests from clients and to suppliers.
  • Request, issue, reject, and approve quotes.
  • Place quotes on hold for future processing.
  • Customisable quotation layouts.
  • Ability to automatically issue quotations via the Workflow™ module.