The Projects module for Concept Evolution™ caters for the management and recording of projects. Functionality includes cost control, cost recharging, task scheduling, authorisation, move management and management of associated risks relating to the task(s) at hand.

Having defined the basic project details and its authorisation model, key project elements and individual tasks are then specified. Amongst other data, each task can include estimated costs, timelines and location of deliverables. The project risk, cost recharge and tracking provide total visibility of project progress and spend.

Projects can be displayed via an interactive Gantt Chart, in order to illustrate the project schedule including start and finish dates of the project components, as well as a summary of the project itself. Individual task timelines can be viewed from within the chart and you can drilldown to the selected tasks' details.

Definable authorisation models allow multi-level control of project and budget. Project lifecycle milestones are recorded and can be reported upon from within the project event log. Any potential hazards which may be encountered in delivering the project can be automatically highlighted and mitigated. Documentation, including tender through to commissioning reports, relating to all project aspects can be stored and associated with individual projects through the document management system.

Move Management, from planning through to completion, is supported within the Projects module. Both Asset and Contact data from the relevant registers within Concept Evolution™ is utilised and automatically updated to reflect the project move. Move labels can also be printed to assist with the move.

Features of Projects include:

  • Project Task: track the estimated and actual internal and external labour costs of a project, as well as non-labour costs including equipment, materials, suppliers and travel expenses.
  • Apportioning of project costs to user defined elements within an organisation, ie the sharing of costs for communal work spaces etc.
  • Flexible authorisation model to ensure projects are authorised by the correct personnel.
  • Task dependencies, to show relationships between two tasks in which the commencement of one task is dependant on the start or finish of another task.
  • Organisation of projects into categories based on work type, ie DDA (Disability Discrimination Act), Health & Safety, Networking etc.
  • Ability to export projects to Microsoft Project®.
  • Free-text field for additional information regarding a project.