Engineers can spend less time in the office and more time in the field completing essential tasks, whilst keeping Concept™ up to date, regardless of location.

Administration and paperwork is reduced, whilst data is instantly updated, thanks to the automatic filter to Concept™ of time stamps for Engineer work. These instant updates are achieved through real-time GPRS, GSM or Wireless LAN solutions. Alternatively, end of day downloads are available through a serial docking station.

Other instant updates, from Concept™ to the Engineer and vice-versa, include information regarding suppliers, delivery points, sites, buildings, locations, instruction sets and Health & Safety information ensuring Engineers no longer need carry a manual of assets for reference.


Integration occurs with any Concept™ system released since the end of 2003. This open architecture approach provides the ability to function seamlessly with existing systems or as a part of fully-integrated packages. Security is paramount. Therefore, sensitive stored data can be protected from unauthorised access by choosing to set passwords. Synchronised data is also encrypted and compressed, ensuring sensitive data is protected.

Concept™ Mobile Data Solution offers the following:

  • Two-way communication between Concept™ and field engineers.
  • Seamless data transfer between Concept™ and mobile device.
  • Reduction in administration and paperwork.
  • Data is protected on a user basis, through system log on and password.
  • Business logic controlled by Workflow™ which is quickly and easily customised.