Live View is a graphical display of Task, Booking, Asset and Stock data in relation to locations. As a natural extension of Concept's™ Visual Booking interactive room and hot desk module, it also taps into the popularity of the dashboard interface. These tools provide a powerful graphical representation of the headline data and allow users to drill down to the information that enables them to make fast, accurate decisions.

Live View can be accessed easily from multiple points - a display screen in the Help Desk call centre, for example, or the organisation's home page. And with its rich toolkit, it can be customised to suit the needs of FM providers, contractors and clients.

Maximum and minimum values can be easily applied to tasks, based on KPIs. So while many users will like the de facto setting of floor plans, the module can also be configured schematically, with the data being mapped to diagrams - giving an overview of all meeting rooms across different offices, for example, or a portfolio of contracts that cover a large geographical area.

Live View uses numerical values and colour codes that can be configured to act like traffic lights, showing hot spots or areas of potential concern. By displaying maximum, minimum and average values, the module can identify anything from over-subscribed or under-used rooms to imminent SLA breaches or potential overlaps between Help Desk tasks, and an infinite range of costs, quantities and priorities related to specific tasks, assets and stock.