Making the most of status data available from connected assets and sensors has its origins in the Building Management Systems (BMS) infrastructures that have grown up alongside FSI's development of Concept Evolution. However, the ease, sophistication and integration of wired and wireless networking and two-way communications with traditional BMS assets - plus connection with an increasing range of additional, everyday 'things' in a building - now allows a step-change to be made in delivering within, and increasingly beyond, FM processes.

Our latest, data-rich IoT-oriented implementations turn automated management into Intelligent, Smart Management. They bring a broader, more holistic view of the detailed workings of an FM ecosystem. This results in improved asset lifetimes, cost and performance penalty-saving efficiencies and so greater user/customer satisfaction.

Concept thrives on rich data

IoT implementations via Concept span the likes of: environmental control (temperature/humidity), energy management, plant and equipment management, space (desk/room/car park) utilisation, security and a range of 'housekeeping' activities.

The more costly a site or estate is to manage, the more complex the inter-relationship of tasks at a site and the greater the number of repetitive tasks involved; then the greater the benefit that can be derived from FSI's Internet-of-Things approach.

IoT brings new, reliable sources of timely reporting data. Consider a simple example: a medical waste bin self-reports that it has a full bag, rather than a disgruntled surgeon making the call! Concept routes an urgent bag-change alert directly to a janitor's mobile device for immediate resolution, eliminating a Helpdesk interaction.

A maintenance revolution

IoT goes further than bringing significant enhancements to events where automated monitoring/response and diagnostics/response can be enacted. The rich data accumulation an IoT approach brings is ushering in a new era of prognostics - proactive, condition-based maintenance that is capable of improving on many of the regimes associated with traditional planned preventive maintenance (PPM).

Why go IoT with FSI?

Benefits include:

  • Leveraging smarter decision-making via rich IoT data flows is a natural development of Concept's core competencies
  • Much client IoT infrastructure is already in place to be exploited
  • Increased automation reduces labour costs and decision points prone to human error
  • Improve SLA and KPI scores - reduce service penalties
  • IoT offers a positive shift away from reliance on PPM
  • FSI has partnered with credible IoT comms/networking providers to offer end-to-end solutions