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Innovation and opportunity

FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd is a company with its roots firmly fixed in the soil of the FM industry and its growth fed and nurtured by the development and professionalism of FM's ever-increasing skill needs. As with any evolutionary process, the winners must possess two main qualities, namely:

  • To be innovative;
  • To be able to identify and seize opportunity

To illustrate these qualities in FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd, let's take a more detailed look at the company's history. In June 2002 Facilities Software International (FSI), renowned for its Concept products and services, was bought out by its operational management team. The MBO was the final piece of the jigsaw that gave the team which had been instrumental in taking FSI forward over the last ten years a major shareholding in the new company. An opportunity well taken.

Looking back to the beginning of FSI and the original Concept 300 and Concept 100 products, the innovation there was that these products were Windows-based when other competitors were using DOS. An opportunity well spotted and implemented.

The next milestone on this historic journey was the introduction and operation of the implementation team to ensure more comprehensive use of the products, get better user feedback and ensure that the continuing development of the products was market-driven. Resulting from this policy a new range of products was conceived and in 1997 Concept SQL and Concept 500 were introduced to the marketplace. These were true FM products and opened the door for the development of many new modules for both 'hard' and 'soft' FM services.

FM is by its nature a very dynamic industry and IT was now playing an ever-increasing role in the delivery of business needs. FSI was also now in a position to be able to be more proactive in developing client relationships and focusing even more strongly on not only providing software and services such as training, development, support and consultancy, but also the business 'solution'. The seeds of FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd were being sown.

FSI further recognised that many of its clients did not have the IT skills to best implement CAFM products and supporting software, so again took the lead in providing these services in order to enable quick mobilisation, bring the benefits of the correct IT/FM solution and facilitate the smooth running of the overall project.

As indicated earlier, FM is a very dynamic environment, with all participants seeking more and better business beneficial solutions as an absolute necessity to guarantee continued success. FSI recognised this and the role other software packages can play in achieving this goal.

FSI fully endorses integration with other third party supporting products, integrating with BMS financial software, security software, reporting tools and communications tools. The CAFM system is now the management tool and very much at the heart of the complete business process. FSI, through its background of both IT and FM, is an ideal business partner in addressing present and future CAFM challenges.

The final question is where has all this experience and know-how taken FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd? The answer is: into the realms of business partnerships where we can provide the products, the resources, the skills and the innovation to enable our FM business partners to get on effectively with what they do best.

In today's increasingly competitive market it is no longer good enough to invest in a CAFM system and spend the first six months of the contract trying to implement it. IT strategies must fully support business strategies and this must be fully understood at all levels.

By virtue of being there and being part of the FM evolution, FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd, through innovation, involvement and opportunity, can provide the right IT/FM solution now and in the future.

"FSI, through its background of both IT and FM, is an ideal business partner in addressing present and future CAFM challenges" .