The Import Utility allows for data to be imported into Concept Evolution™ through a custom Microsoft Excel plugin*.

Key components include:

  • Create new import templates using data requirements (compulsory fields etc) set up in your Concept
    Evolution™ system.
  • Validate data entered on the template in Microsoft Excel with one click.
  • Validation errors highlighted in spreadsheet to allow for correction.
  • Import validated data directly into Concept Evolution™.
  • Save and open spreadsheets as Concept Evolution™ documents.
  • History of data imports stored in Concept Evolution™ with access to the original spreadsheets.
  • Ability to update and re-import existing as well as new data.

Upon logging into Concept Evolution™, a pop-up is presented to the User, containing the URL to the Concept Evolution™ system to import into, plus Authentication mode and settings for completion.

Import spreadsheets can be stored as documents using the Document Repository system in Concept Evolution™. Via the Open Template button, these stored documents can be opened from a repository and used as templates whenever required.

*Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013 are supported. An installer (MSI) is required for the Excel plugin.