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FSI Middle East launches intuitive BI dashboard solution

FSI Middle East launches intuitive BI dashboard solution


The Intuitive BI software supports the distribution of key management information to Concept Evolution users, in a manner that is both readily understandable and easy to act upon. Information is presented within simple graphical components that are combined into dashboards of related information. The dashboards can then be viewed via a normal PC browser, on a tablet, or by smart phone.

Information within the dashboard can also be restricted by the role or seniority of the user, for example a contract manager would only see information relating to properties in their contracts, and a maintenance manager would perhaps not see financial information. Similarly, suppliers would see only their task performance.

"Intuitive BI does not replace our existing dashboard, it is merely an advanced option which will allow non-technical users to ‘slice and dice' and create from pre-prepared data extracts (datasets), as well as provide easy to understand graphical visualisation of data," explains Adrian Jarvis, General Manager of FSI Middle East.

Information is presented in simple graphical forms (trends, gauges, bar charts, pie charts etc.), called components, that are combined into dashboards of relevant information. The FSI Intuitive BI platform has the unique ability to reuse the same components and dashboards many times without incurring an additional performance or cost overhead, potentially slashing the time and cost for BI solution development and maintenance.

"Examples of customised dashboards include a customer portal which can show task performance and facilityutilisation, and a supplier portal which shows real-time information on tasks assigned to them, and the customer satisfaction levels they are delivering. There is also an engineer portal which is able to show their outstanding tasks, and it is available on their smart phones/devices," added Jarvis.

There are currently eight distinct dashboards covering, the following areas, namely: helpdesk call analysis, customer satisfaction, finance, task analysis including supplier performance, as well as assets & PPMs, resource efficiency & workload, facilities booking, and management overview.

Data can also be imported from sources other than Concept Evolution to provide an integrated dashboard solution for the organisation as a whole.