Fully integrated with your business systems.

Allows branding in line with your company colour scheme and logos, to make it yours.

Brings your applications closer to your users.

Provides a positive user experience.

Platform features:

Dreamscape Workflow integration and business-logic engine:

  • Simple to complex logic processing.
  • Graphical drag-and-drop design interface.
  • In-process execution.
  • Create your own API through Dreamscape Work ow: with a single click, a work ow becomes a secure REST API end point.
  • Integrate with everything! Web Service, API, Databases, Social Media, oData, RSS, etc.
  • Integration API: access, update and delete your data through the dedicated, fully secured Dreamscape REST Integration API.

Dreamscape Web App web development platform:

  • Create rich web applications via a simple online development environment.
  • Rich drag-and-drop page builder, with a full suite of UI controls, layout options, SSRS support and Responsive design.
  • Data bind controls with ease: Direct Data Object and Work ow event binding.
  • Build fully interactive experiences with the Dreamscape JavaScript API and JavaScript editor.
  • Create navigation menus, and fully brand apps, through the CSS editor.
  • Bespoke permissions designer: lock out features of your app by users or groups.

Offline Mobile App Builder:

  • Rapid mission-critical apps.
  • Rich drag-and-drop app builder: build data-centric and graphical apps
    with ease.
  • Data bind controls with ease, with support for direct Data Object binding.
  • Background data synchronisation for keeping server and device data in-sync.

Serverless runtime:

  • Deployment of apps and workflows via a single click.
  • Secure access.

Business Intelligence:

  • Link data in real-time directly into Business Intelligence tools, ie Microsoft Power BI.
  • Build interactive Dashboards and Reports through the included Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and publish to your Dreamscape Apps.