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Estates Review discusses Concept™ from FSI, managing the day-to-day needs of tenants at Landflex

Landflex was launched in 2003 by one of the UK's leading blue chip property companies Land Securities, in a bid to capitalise on the growing trend for outsourcing cost-effective, prestige offices for a portfolio covering startups to multinationals.

Building on its parent company's extensive experience and in-depth research into the needs of modern businesses, Landflex - recognised as a pioneer in business outsourcing - provides an alternative to traditional office and institutional leases by offering new occupier solutions to today's businesses.

A key feature of the Landflex offer is that it enables customers to create a least profile to match their business plan.  With options including leases of between one year and 15 years, clients are able to reserve space within the building if they feel they will need it in the future.

The portfolio of offices managed by Landflex includes landmark properties Empress State, 7 Soho Square, 40 Eastbourne Terrace and more recently 140 Aldersgate Street.

The Empress State estate complex provides around 40,000m2 of offices, complimented by a restaurant, fitness centre and meeting rooms.  A spectacular feature is the revolving top floor which can be used as an informal meeting space or booked as a bar for presentations or corporate events.

At 7 Soho Square, 5,000m2 of office space is provided, with a fully-fitted suite of conference rooms, informal meeting rooms, video conferencing facilities and a coffee bar.

Offering greater cost control with a single accommodation charge, Landflex provides customers peace of mind from unexpected bills whilst offering assistance with expenditure planning.  With the accommodation charge, Landflex provides customers peace of mind from unexpected bills whilst offering assistance with expenditure planning.  With the accommodation charge including everything from rent, buildings insurance and maintenance to repair, operation and cleaning of all the building systems, structures, finishes, security and utilities; customers have the confidence to get on with their day jobs, making a success of business.


With over 11 tenants housing over 4,000 customers across the four buildings, it was necessary for Landflex to have a central system in place that could manage the day-to-day needs of tenants.  From room booking facilities through to catering and Porterage, the chosen system would ultimately form the hub of the company that could be used as a proactive tool adapted to the individual requirements of the customers and the overall management process for Landflex.

The flexibility offered by Concept™ from CAFM developers FSI (FM Solutions) Ltd provides Landflex with a system that can be adapted to the many facets of its service offering.  Not only is the single source system easy to manage including intuitive reporting and invoicing, but can also meet client expectations and contract nuances.

Paul Stafford, account services manager for Landflex, explains: "As Landflex develops and grows the huge flexibility of the FSI software package becomes more obvious.  Accordingly, over time our portfolio of offices will grow and with that our tenants' requirements will inevitably become more diverse.  Implementing Concept™ into a new building is, with the support of FSI, reassuringly straightforward - as is the manipulation of the system to accommodate the unique contracts for our individual clients.

"The Empress State building is a prime example when compared with Soho Square which is a multi-tenanted building/  The Empress State building has one major client and the invoicing and reporting is vastly different to that of Soho Square.  With Concept™ the various idiosyncrasies of each contract are automated and this enables us to focus on the overall customer experience rather than the administration element.

"What is distinctive to the Concept™ solution is that the core element of the software remains the same, but we are then able to adapt that formula to the different clients making it a truly multi-faceted system."


FSI worked closely with Landflex to assess the many requirements of the company.  With the eSQL module of the Concept™ system Landflex can now offer a complete browser-based solution to tenants enabling them to book rooms and log tasks themselves.

Calls and web requests are logged at a central helpdesk based in London Wall where they are then assigned to the correct service supplier.  With eight people manning the helpdesk for all Landflex contracts it is a hive of industry.

The majority of calls are for soft services including catering, cleaning and security.  The crystal reports provide detailed invoicing information each month, cutting both administration time and cost to Landflex.

"The reporting aspect of the system works on many levels," continues Paul.  "Not only are we able to run reports comparing any combination of services we provide, but an audit trail is also produced.  This helps to dramatically reduce the administration and resolution time of a problem or query should one occur."

Over 100 requests are logged into the Landflex system every day and with FSI's Workflow Lite™ module scheduled for implementation early 2006, Paul believes the Concept™ experience will become even more open to customers.

"At Landflex we have gone through many changes and Concept™ and FSI has accommodated and supported us through them all.  Workflow Lite™ is a very useful tool for customers; with its automated messaging functionality it allows greater control and data presentation which will further enhance our tenants' experience with Landflex."