Concept™ SSP from FSI provides a web-based front-end application to compliment the wider use of the Concept Evolution™ CAFM solution. This can be achieved through your existing corporate intranet or extranet, utilising the same data set. For organisations which don't utilise a CAFM solution, Concept™ SSP can be used as a standalone web-based solution for interaction with clients, in-house and subcontractor personnel.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Concept™ SSP is configurable for fonts, colours, style and text, and also includes functionality to create and manage multilingual browser pages and compulsory fields.

Full security is maintained by data segregation and integration with Concept™ Contract Views. Logon, password identification and other measures ensure that only permitted users have access to data. The set of management tools included provide users with full management of the module.

Concept™ SSP consists of a set of components, which may be installed and integrated separately if required.

Who uses Concept™ SSP?

Concept™ SSP is used by internal personnel for call logging and room booking, contractors and in house engineers for task management, and by management for review of operational performance data.

Concept™ SSP functionality includes:

  • Helpdesk: call logging, call review and customer satisfaction.
  • FM Bookings: including resources, catering and inventory (requires FSI's Eclipse Module within core Concept™ system).
  • Asset information and history.
  • Personnel and contact directory.
  • Reports distribution - both Concept™ Reports and Crystal Reports.
  • Easily configured by operational users to emulate the company corporate look and feel without requiring IT expertise.
  • Deli booking (requires Workflow Module).
  • Visitor management.