Concept™ Reports is the engine that provides the basis of system report generation without the need for third-party reporting tools or viewers. Depending on deployment methodologies and access rights, users can either import and export reports defined by FSI or internal Concept™ champions, or generate new report definitions.

Users can create simple reports, but also have the option to produce complex or specialised reports using comprehensive tools such as formulae and sub-reports. Concept™ Reports is designed to work with the Concept Evolution™ database to help with the analysis and interpretation of Concept™ data.

Within the designer the look and feel of reports can be changed, including fonts, colours, data layout, and output format. Such additional features include adding images, headers and footers, and title information.

When used in conjunction with the Concept™ Workflow suite a user can schedule the automatic execution and attachment of a report for email distribution, in Adobe PDF format, to individuals or groups.

This means that management information can be circulated on a recurring basis without the need for user intervention, for example on Friday at 5pm weekly performance statistics can be emailed to the supervisory team for a particular region, and an overall portfolio analysis distributed to the executive team.

Features of Concept Reports™ include:

  • Report generation - both simple and complex/specialised.
  • Import and export reports.
  • Generate report definitions.
  • Customise reports, including fonts, colours, data layout and output format.
  • Addition of images, headers and footers, and title information to reports.
  • Circulation of reports via email, using the Concept™ Workflow solution.
  • No need for third-party reporting tools or viewers.