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5th FSI Invitational, Friday 27th June 2008

Fast becoming an established event in the FSI calendar, the 5th FSI Golf Invitational took place on Friday 27th June 2008. Set against the glorious backdrop of Warley Park Golf Club in deepest Essex, the players got to know each other over a friendly team game of Texas Scramble. The winning Texas Scramble team comprised of Peter Middup (PFM Magazine), Peter Excell (Platinum Facilities & Maintenance Services Ltd), Steve Peaks (NB Entrust) and FSI's own Managing Director, John Moriarty. Following lunch on the terrace, the serious 5th Invitational commenced, of course accompanied by the obligatory ten-minute downpour. A watering-hole was set up mid-way round to cool off and take on board some much needed refreshments.

Events were brought to a close by a well-earned dinner and bar session in the Terrace Restaurant. Individual winner of the 5th FSI Golf Invitational was Geoff Hindle of Hindle Law, closely followed by Paul Shanahan from FRL and Sean O'Sullivan from GSL. Further prizes went to Mike Heath from Peterborough City Council and FSI's own Paul Djuric, who both won prizes for Nearest the Pin. The winning Invitational team consisted of Geoff Hindle of Hindle Law, and FSI's Compton Darlington and Jim Mitchell. The 6th FSI Invitational will take place summer 2009.

Additional 'action' shots can be found at http://www.fsi.co.uk/FSI_events_detail.asp?i=18